4 Important Things before Adopting Cat

Adopting CatHave pets the cat is actually not only be moved as a hobby, but also seek charity. Getting a cat itself can be done by adopting, whether it is from someone who is a cat breeder or relative who has a lot of pet cats. Adopt a cat has a very simple, where the cats live requested and marked so to the owner. However there are some important things that must be considered before adopting a cat, among them:


The age of the cat should be considered if you want to adopt. Adult cats age must already know the neighborhood, so it needs a full adaptation to the new environment. It requires sacrifice the maximum for cats is usually trained hard as you wish. For example, cats like litter carelessly old residence, is not likely to be difficult to train them in a litter that you really provide. Meanwhile, when the cat is still very young age or a little, especially before the age of 12 to 16 weeks, it would be possible in practice it because at that age the cat was really obedient and follow what is instructed by his employer. Therefore, the age of the cat is also one thing to consider before deciding to adopt a cat.


For convenience, the nature of the cat should also be considered before choosing a cat you want. The reason is, if the cat you choose has an aggressive nature certainly is not fun unless purpose is to serve as a playmate. The nature of an aggressive cat can hurt you unintentionally, even this can make others wretched. Certainly do not want to not experience such things? Remember, get around a cat which has an aggressive nature is more difficult to train than cats adapt from small in the new environment. For that, consider first the well and true character than a cat that you select before the adoption order not arise remorse.

His health

The characteristics of healthy cats are agile movements, his eyes clear and not runny, fur smooth and clean, no sneezing, coughing, ear and nose are not dirty and do not remove the fluid. Cats that have good health certainly very pleasant in caring and loving. Cats who maintained their health is not likely always be treated and cared for, whether it’s with a cleaned cage, taken for a walk, or the vaccination to be free from all kinds of diseases. Note that if the cat is rarely treated and cared for, most likely one of them can transmit rabies that can be generated from his scratching or bite. Therefore, to get a cat as expected, when it will adopt a cat that also has to do is check the health of the cat well and correctly.

The risks

Want to adopt a cat means you also have to be prepared to take the risk. As well as the need to feed and drinking, combing his fur, cleaning cages, invites refreshing, vaccinate, brought to the vet, and so forth. Of course, it makes you have to set up a time as possible so that the health of cats can be maintained and the closeness with which it can be well maintained. Certainly not when it’s useless after its adoption, the cats just fed are even actually make the room a mess. Therefore, before adopting a cat, should consider these risks carefully.

Age, nature, health, and the risk is four important aspects that need to be considered carefully before adopting a cat. It also will make you feel sincere care if your cat maintain liking.