Do These before Adopting a Dog

adopt a pupThere are many people interested in adopting dog. They think that by doing this, they can save and take care of dog. Unfortunately, most dog adopters are confused of what to do before adopting so they adopt disability or diseased pet. This makes them ignore and let their pet become wild dog. Do you plan to adopt a dog? If you answer yes, you are highly recommended to do these before doing it:

Check its physical condition

Yup, you have to check dog’s physical condition in detail start from its hair to nail. Make sure that you also look its movement so you know whether it is good dog or not. If you find that its leg is broken or it looks passive, you should not adopt that dog unless you want to bother yourself. Realize that disability dog needs extra treatments which mean that you have to spare enough time to feed, caress, play, and train it. Besides, disability dog might need special foods to make it survive. If you don’t want to bother yourself, you should not adopt this dog. Ideally, adopt dog which has good physical condition.

Make sure that its body is health

How to know that dog is health? It is easy because you just need to look its response when it is fed or look its movement when being released from its cage. If it looks tired and passive, that means that it is not in good condition, yes, it is sick. Besides, you can look from its body condition. If it looks too skinny or it deals with hair loss, which means that it is not health. You also may ask about dog’s condition to its owner or seller. Make sure that you have guarantee to get your money back or return the dog if actually it is not health. This is important to do so you can bother yourself and waste time and money.

Prepare a comfortable cage

Do you want to adopt a puppy or adult dog? Whatever your choice is, before adopting it, you should prepare a comfortable cage soon. Remember to match size of pet with size of cage. If dog is big, make sure that cage is bigger than size of dog. Why? You need to know that dog will be stressed and depressed if its cage is not comfortable. This happens because it cannot move comfortably. If you remain buying a narrow cage, you will see your dog shows bad activities, like barking continuously, losing appetite, gaging, and so on. The worst part is when you release it from cage, it might attack, bite, and hurt you. Imagine if it does these to your lovely ones.

Anyway, choose high quality cage and buy it only at trusted pet shop. In addition, it is better to look for information about habit and food of dog that you want to adopt. You need to know that each dog type has different behavior and favorite food. By knowing about this, you can take care and understand it as well as possible.