4 Factors that Make Rabbit Die Suddenly

Rabbit DieRabbits including cute animals, unique, and so adorable animal animals this one being the preferred choice by children. As with the cats though funny, but very dangerous if disturbed. By having a funny shape and this one animal sometimes packed into parental choice as pets for their children. With quite a lot of rabbit enthusiasts, making the animal is an opportunity that promises to be a business.

Behind the humor and adorable, animal this one range to more easily die compared to other pets. This is because there are many factors that can cause sudden death rabbit. To find anything that can cause sudden death rabbit, here are four factors.

Factors seeds

The first factor that can cause sudden death due to rabbit seedlings. Intended for seed factor because when you buy a bunny rabbit sometimes sold 1 month old should have still to be taken care of by its parent. However, sellers are often covered if the age of the rabbit has 2 or 3 months. By a factor of seedlings, young age, would be prone to cause the rabbit will die. Therefore, make sure that rabbits have two months of age so that the rabbit has been able to be separated from their parents so it does not depend on the mains. With your purchase of animals was 2 months old, then it will span the event of death and are ready to be separated from the parent.

Food factor

Rabbits are herbivorous animal. Although these animals eat plants, but not all plants can be consumed by rabbits. If rabbits consume any vegetables, then the rabbits can die suddenly. Therefore, it is necessary for you to know that the rabbit can cause sudden death due to dietary factors. Especially for young rabbits certainly cannot consume vegetables carelessly. Kale is one of the plants that are often used to feed the rabbits. Kale is not a good vegetable for the rabbits. This is because in spinach contains high gas potential. As for the food, suitable for kids rabbit is grass and carrots as well as for a large rabbit.

Factors Cages

Factors rabbit cage also can cause sudden death. Death of rabbits is because the cage was not well maintained so many germs and bacteria that eventually attacks the rabbit. In addition, the cage placed in a place that is too cold can cause the rabbit is dead. Therefore, you must keep a rabbit cage every day. By having a clean cage, of course, the rabbit will be maintained. Make sure the cage is not in humid conditions due to the humid cage is not fit for animal’s rabbits.

Stress factor

Rabbits are animals that are favored by children so often used to play. Like a rabbit with invites to play, can make the rabbits become stressed. Stress the rabbit became the fourth factor that caused the sudden death of rabbits. If you love the rabbit and did not want to die, then the most important thing because rabbits do not always held to be stressed. Also, try not hold when lifting rabbit ears.

Those are some of the factors that can because sudden death could rabbits. If the rabbit you want to be healthy, then you have to keep cleaning the cage, watching rabbit food, and keeping rabbits in order not to stress.