Hurry Up! Do These If Your Dog Bites Somebody

dog bite c

Having a dog at home is a good thing because your pet can protect your residence and make your happy. Unfortunately, sometimes dog shows bad things because of feeling threatened and depressed. In this condition, it can bite and hurt somebody. If this really happens, dog owners have to be responsible for victim. The problem is not all dog owners want to be responsible, they decide to blame victim. Yup, they escape from their responsibility. This is a big deal because victim can call police and dog owners will deal with authorities.

Anyway, if you have a dog and then it bites somebody accidentally, what do you do? Will you be responsible for this accident? If you answer no, you are in big trouble because police can rest you and make you go to jail. Do you want to deal with this problem? For this, you should do these if your pet bites somebody:

Take and enter it into cage

Don’t let your dog roam around your residence anymore! You should take and enter it into cage as soon as possible. If you let it free, there are two possibilities that might happen. First, it will bite others and you have to be responsible again. Of course, you will face big problem because of this. Second, people will hunt your dog and might kill it soon. If you really love your pet, you definitely don’t want to see your dog died, right? Therefore, after it does this mistake, take and enter it into cage as soon as possible.

Bring victim to hospital soon

Don’t forget victim after taking care of your dog. Yup, you have to bring him/her to hospital as soon as possible. It is better to call his/her family about this accident and ask them to go to hospital. Explain what is going on to their family. Remember to tell the true story. What if their family is angry and asking you to treat victim and pay off medical bill? You just need to fulfill their request. This is important to do so you don’t deal with authorities. What if they report this case to police? Calm down and give clear explanation to police. If you never train dog to bite people, you will not be blamed. You might have to hand over your pet to police or animal center as soon as possible.

In other hand, you can be free from this problem if victim does not get serious injury and he/free is free from virus of rabies.

Apologize and promise not to let your pet roam outside cage anymore

Keep in mind to apologize to victim and his/her family as soon as possible. Tell that you really regret for this problem and you never want to face this accident. Furthermore, you are suggested to promise not to let your pet roam outside cage anymore. If family’s victim asks you to hand it over to animal center, you should do that as soon as possible, okay!

Hopefully, you don’t really face this problem.